Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Today was quite the rainy day! It was definitely much needed after several weeks without it. I had some ragweed allergies this morning, which led me to remedy myself with some garlic and ginger

Best friends!

Cute face? 

The little dot to the left of her mouth is a beauty mark :-).

After gulping her down with some h2o, I got ready for work and nibbled on some breakfast

Les oeufs avec une salade

Sesame seeds!

et avec une tasse de café. C'est bon!

I'm not sure where that French came from. Perhaps a flashback from highschool? Speaking of French, I think it would be a good idea to actually learn the language, considering I live in Canada where French is the second language. It's so easy to forget how important languages are to society. I was at work the other day and I was speaking to a girl in English and she didn't seem to understand me very well. She then told me she had just moved to Canada and mainly spoke French but understood a little bit of English. I attempted to speak to her in broken French but she quickly repeated the fact that she understood some English almost instantly. It was kind of funny, actually.

As I worked I snacked on a few almonds, peanuts and dried cranberries anticipating this lunch

You guessed it

Chicken salad! It's become so common during lunch and dinner. Maybe I should just call it CS? I added crumbled goat cheese as well. Gotta love leftovers during lunchbreak!

After work I ventured off to my local grocery store to pick up a few items I'd wanted to grab for a while. I managed to get some tahina (how close is that to my name?!) aka ground sesame seed paste (LOVE!), almond butter, Liberte plain greek yogurt, Nordica fat free cottage cheese, So Good original soymilk, Yoplait Source pineapple coconut banana yogurt, goat cheese, tofu, whole flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, pecans, sunflower seeds and many other goodies.

I left the store at around 8:00 pm meaning I spent about an hour and a half wandering! I love grocery shopping almost as much as I love eating the groceries! I got home at around 8:20 pm and wondered what I was going to whip up for dinner. While snacking on some greek yogurt and grapes, I managed to come up with a few ideas.

I found this tofu in the Asian section of the grocery store. It was vacuum-packed which seemed rather odd to me

It looks like a juice box!

I was sold on its amazing macros. For 1/4 of the package: 30 calories, 0.5 g fat, 1 g carbs, 5 g protein!

This is what 3/4s of it looked like out of the box

The other 1/4 looked like this after being diced and sauteéd

I had some nori sheets laying around along with the huge bowl of salad I made last night. I figured hand rolls would be a perfect dinner tonight!

I'm still learning how to roll them properly. The last packet of nori sheets I had included instructions on how to roll a proper hand roll. My current packet didn't have much of a label as the packaging is clear. I do have about a hundred sheets left, which is definitely a huge plus!

How cute are those?!

Quite the tasty dish! I drizzled some tahina on a few of them for even more enjoyment. Tahina has recently become one of my favourite butters. It's so tasty and has similar nutritionals to most high protein nut butters. The all natural kind contains approximately 95-105 calories per tablespoon, 9 grams of fat (mainly saturated), 2-3 g carbs, and 4-5 g protein

This is how I eat it plain

Love spoonin' that goodness!

Anyways, it's time to hit the hay for the day

Have a good night!


  1. yay for pancakes!!!! Glad you enjoyed the recipe!!!

    I am loving those handrolls you made!! I just bought some seaweed wraps!!!!

    Have a great day girl! xoxo

  2. You eat such fresh and beautiful meals! I'm impressed :)