Friday, August 20, 2010

A fishy day

Today was such a crazy day. It was also a very fishy day complete with both halibut and tuna. I started off the day at home relaxing and preparing for my very first, highly anticipated boxing class!

Lunch was absolutely amazing. My darling boyfriend created a lovely masterpiece for the both of us

Halibut with goat cheese and cottage cheese with salad and kidney beans. DELISH! It's always nice to have a boyfriend who's amazing in the kitchen ;)

After lunch, I headed out on a mission to box for the very first time. I was feeling discouraged during my journey, as I was running extremely late. To top that off, I had an issue with one of the subway employers. I asked him if I could get a transfer because I completely forgot to get before leaving the subway platform. Without responding, I saw him check the cameras. I was happy to see that he was actually [somewhat] concerned about me having to pay a double fare for no real reason. After about 5 minutes, I saw him leave the booth and walk over to the convenience store. I was not impressed! I looked in my wallet for an extra transit token or loose change and discovered I only had two cents and a paper-clip left in my wallet. I ran up the stairs to the nearest ATM and noticed people were lined up out the door. I called my boyfriend freaking out about it but he told me not to worry and to just go and see if they'd let me join them even if I was late. I ended up getting there an hour into the two-hour class. Luckily, I was able to try it out for an hour rather than two, which was very cool.

The girls there were really nice and the coach was extremely sweet and helpful. I really feel like I had a great first day! I'm definitely going back to that gym. The coach told me I looked very strong and noticed I had great upper body strength. I was so excited and flattered to hear that =) The year-long membership is a bit pricey ($500) but that's okay because I know I'm really going to enjoy it! The next class is held this Saturday and I'm already stoked for it =D

I got home feeling a little restless. The journey to the gym was quite far and my day hadn't been all that sweet. My boyfriend was kind enough to help me prepare a dinner for myself

A quick tuna salad with goat cheese and cottage cheese along with some red kidney beans on the side. Yummo!

I couldn't help but feel snappy and unhappy today. I was having a great day prior to my journey. After getting home I felt extremely exhausted and uneasy. I feel like I really need to accept things for what they are because every moment in each of our lives has a meaning. We are all supposed to be exactly where we are in each of our lives. We should all be able to appreciate what we have because we could always have much less. I have been granted with so much fortune, I should really be very thankful and not pick at the things I currently don't have.

Ahh, I feel so much better after saying that =)

Anywho, I think it's time for bed. I can't wait to make tomorrow count!

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