Thursday, August 26, 2010

Green "fauxmeal"

I typically don't include gluten in my diet. I'll have the occasional Oreo or chocolate chip cookie, but I don't prefer to have it in my daily meals. When consuming products with gluten, my body does not feel satiated and I usually want to eat more than a serving. I find that my blood sugar levels are very high, causing me to feel as though I need more food. I've come across many articles with mixed reviews about whether oats contain gluten or not. I find that when I eat oatmeal, I'm never truly satisfied. My body also feels this way when consuming wheat, rice and other starchy foods.

The best part about living gluten-free is that you can still achieve similar tastes and textures found in foods containing gluten. This morning I attempted to make protein pancakes, which I got from Katie!

I wanted to sneak some veggies into my breakfast, so I got out some stems!

I think it's so important to keep stems which are edible. You can always use them in green monsters or sneak them into a regular dish for some added nutrition and colour!

I didn't have any egg whites, and believed tofu would be a sufficient replacement. I'm pretty sure I also added too much water to the mixture. The combination of these two errors caused my pancakes to turn into oatmeal - or should I say fauxmeal

Pancakes or no pancakes, The fauxmeal was AMAZING!

Here's what I put in the mix:

  • 2 large handfuls spinach (I used the stems)
  • 1/2 cup Isoflex chocolate whey protein
  • 1/5 block of tofu (70 calories worth)
  • 1 tbsp soy flour
  • enough water to get the blender moving

Blend ingredients until smooth. Spray a non-stick pot with cooking spray and set stove to medium high heat. Pour mixture into pot and let it simmer. Gently mix contents until desired clumpiness. Serve plain or with fruit, nuts and seasonings.

I added diced apples, almond butter sauce, sunflower and flax seeds and cinnamon for garnish. 

Check out that texture! I'm definitely going to be making this again.

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