Friday, August 6, 2010

Sushi + Greek yogurt + tuna + avocad = love

So I completely forgot to take pictures of the lovely sushi my sister and I had for dinner tonight. We were caught up in some serious conversation, so I mindlessly devoured my food while completely forgetting how beautiful it looked. I ordered a 4 piece order which contained 4 maki rolls with salmon and avocado, which were nicely wrapped in strips of gluten-free cucumber. They looked something like this:

My sister surprised me with some Greek yogurt! I can't seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough? Anyway, it was delicious!

Too bad the price wasn't delicious

After hanging out with my sister, I went downstairs to work it out. I did another quick, high-intensity bodyrock workout. It was brutal! This is what I looked like after the workout

I was very happy to be finished =)

I came upstairs to have what was probably my 6th meal of the day (I eat every few hours. I love eating.)

I had some rainbow salad left over from yesterday so I combined it with a new invention of mine: tuna mixed with avocado!

I was opting for fat free mayonnaise, but something told me to try mushing up the avocado and mixing it with tuna. It was absolutely amazing.

I spooned bits of peanut butter with honey and Greek yogurt for dessert, while also consuming some trail mix, two Oreo cookies and a mug of tea.

Well I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone!

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