Tips & Tricks

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, we all need a few pointers every now and then. I know that I personally can slip with proper eating habits as well as exercising regularly. Here are a few tips to avoid falling off the bandwagon.

Healthy Eating

The phrase "you are what you eat" definitely holds true when feeling good on the inside and out. By eating an entire bag of Oreos, it's clear that you most likely will not feel your best.

  • Try out different healthy recipes - You obviously can't be too entertained eating a grilled chicken breast salad every day of your life. Switch things up a bit! Instead of having the same salad every day, add in some different vegetables, fruits, nuts, seasonings and dressings to liven things up. If you're bored of chicken, try a different lean protein instead. If you're tired of salad, try a wrap, stew, sandwich, stir-fry or maki roll. Anything is possible!
  • Make a list before grocery shopping - This allows you to avoid veering off track when drooling over your favourite empty-calorie treats. Make sure your list includes a variety of tasty vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Low fat dairy/dairy substitutes, nuts and seeds, as well as whole grains are also great. I personally do not eat wheat or whole grains regularly, as my diet is mainly gluten-free; however, whole grains are super nutritious for those who enjoy them!
  • Take pride in your cooking - A lot of people don't enjoy cooking and creating meals, causing impatience at meal times. Take pride in cooking different meals. Look up different recipes and actually try them out. I, myself need to start doing this, as I often use my "busy lifestyle" as an excuse. 
  • Drink water - This statement cannot be stressed enough. The human body needs 64 ounces of water a day, which is approximately two liters of water. An easy way to do this is take two empty 2 liter bottles of pop, fill them both up with water and put them in your fridge. Every time you get up to grab some water, fill your glass with the water from the bottles and make sure they're both empty by the end of the day! ;) You could always just make sure you're getting 8 large glasses of water, each containing approximately 500 mL. Whatever works for you! Not only does water flush out bodily toxins, replenish muscles, as well as provide hydration, it also helps you ward off hunger and fight cravings.


When I think of exercise, I can't help but think of being in love. Aww. Exercise makes you feel good on both the inside and outside. It can be difficult and painful. There will always be new obstacles, but you have to stick them out in order to achieve the best results. Most importantly, the end result is always the best part, leaving you with a strong sense of achievement and confidence to take on the next day ahead of you.

  • Change up your routine - When your body is used to a set of ways, you're left physically and mentally unchallenged, which often results in a performance plateau. When you change your exercises, the number of reps, amount of weight or amount of time, your work out will be more beneficial. If you always lift weights, try body-weight strength training or pulling cables. If you're always on the elliptical, try the stair-master or treadmill. Also, don't be afraid to perform less reps when you increase the amount of weight you lift. It's quality that gets you farther, not quantity.  
  • Remember the feeling after your workout - Take a moment after every workout to really feel good about yourself for doing something amazing for your body. Remember this feeling when you'd rather sit on your couch and eat cake. 
  • Make it part of your routine - Don't just let brushing your teeth and eating dinner when you get home part of your day. Keeping your body and mind healthy deserves a time slot in your busy life, so why not schedule it in? Lack of time is not an excuse. You can get a great work out in 12 minutes if you push your hardest during high intensity interval training.
  • Enjoy it with company - Working out with a friend not only motivates you, it also helps you complete your workout. Having company can make exercise more enjoyable, helping you realize that you're not the only one who needs to do it.
  • Try something brand new! - If you're tired of your routine, it's time to really change it up. Try yoga, tai chi, ju jitsu, boxing, taekwondo, kickboxing, bootcamp classes or any other physical activity outside of what you already know. You'll get to work different muscle groups and train your mind to think differently.