Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy week!

This week has been busy! I haven't been able to post due to blogger's inability to upload my pictures at certain times/busy with school and life.

Here are some eats as of Monday night. Salmon salad for dins!

So good!

Tuesday morning looked like this:

x 2

Fast, green breakfasts always compliment essay writing!

So does peanut butter!

As do nuts!

Chicken salad for dins!

Some more of this:

And naturally more nuts:

This morning my breakfast smiled at me:

I'm currently cracking down on my essay which is due tomorrow at 11:30 am! I'm almost done, which is good. I still need to include a lot of things in it though.

During these past few days, I've increased my calorie intake because I feel that my body needs more calories. Perhaps its the exercises I'm doing and the amount of muscle I'm gaining? I don't believe I've gained any fat but I do believe I've gained some muscle. Obviously the scale has gone up, but not in a bad way!

I've been especially hungry since last night's MMA workout. I was ravenous last night practically eating everything [healthy] in sight. I'm also extremely hungry today, but I hope it's not just because I'm writing this essay. Ahh, I just want to have it finished so I can focus on my next assignment: my room!

My plans include some yoga-ing tonight. Let's hope I make a class or two!

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