Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a grandma!

Haha ;) okay I'm not literally a grandma, I just feel like going out two nights in a row with minimal sleep makes me cranky and exhausted! I worked all day Sunday, partied all night, woke up Monday afternoon, did a quick workout, went to work, then went out again, partied all night and woke up EXHAUSTED. Two days in a row is definitely brutal!

I really hate feeling super hungover for too many days because then I lose track of all the things I need to do! Not to mention my lack of proper meals. Today I came home and scarfed down tuna with avocado, zucchini linguine, edamame, carrots, a green smoothie, almonds, chocolate chips, tahini, 4 oreos and some tea. I felt like I hadn't eaten in days, haha. I was exhausted so I took a 4 hour nap and woke up to buy some groceries before the store closed.

After a low-carb Monster energy drink, I made an amazing chicken salad for dinner!

I normally bake my chicken, but I find it gets very dry unless I drown it in EVOO, which I didn't want to do. I asked my roommate who always manages to cook delicious, juicy chicken for some advice. He suggested I cook the chicken via stove-top in a large cooking pan.

I seasoned the chicken breast with nutmeg, black pepper, lemon seasoning, cinnamon, salt, basil, rosemary and lemon thyme and cooked it in a large pan on medium heat. I added some chopped red pepper, green pepper, celery and carrot to the pan to help flavour and moisten the chicken. After about 7 minutes, I placed a glass lid on the pan and let it simmer for about 2-3 minutes on low heat. The chicken turned out succulent and juicy! I was very happy with this super fast cooking method

My salad consisted of green leaf lettuce, tomato, avocado, soybean sprouts, red pepper, green pepper, carrots, celery and red grapes. The combination of sweet and juicy chicken with sweet and juicy salad was simply delicious!

Today was my rest day (clearly) so I didn't work out. I don't think I could find the energy to work out even if I tried!

Anyways, I'm still exhausted. I have so much to do tomorrow and I really hope I end up getting a lot done!

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