Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Thursday!

Today was quite the busy day! I woke up early so I could work out before going to school and work. I had work right after school, leaving me with no choice but to work out in the morning. This morning I did the Fitness is Sexy Workout. It sure got my heart pumpin' and body sweatin'!

I sort of had a hodgepodge/rushed breakfast. I had a small apple, half an orange and a little bit of peanut butter before my workout. After my workout, I had some tea and snacked on a but of the lunch I made for school.

Grilled chicken salad topped with goat cheese and avocad!

Totally hit the spot while sitting in lecture!

I got home from school with just enough time to change and create this guy for lunch.


Avocado-ed tuna on a bed of salad, topped with goat cheese.

So delish.

Dessert included cottage cheese, peanut butter, protein cookies, tea, and various other sweet and healthy treats, which unfortunately made their way to my mouth before my camera lens could capture them!

Ah, it's okay ;)

I'm exhausted. Time to call it a day!

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