Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lettuce-less salad

Hey everyone!

I woke up this morning with so little but so much in my fridge. I was surprised I could make a lettuce-less salad that actually tasted so good! I made a salad out of celery, tomatoes, red peppers and mushrooms. I coupled the salad with an egg white omelette, which I filled with fat free cheddar cheese! 

After breakfast, I decided to catch up on some readings, wax (what's an Indian girl to do?), go to my MMA class, pick up some groceries and cook up some dinnah!

I was so, so, so happy to pick up my much-needed peanut butter. Let's just say most of my evening was spent with this jar.

How lovely!

I sort of had a hodge-podge dinner (ah, the life of a student!). I ate cottage cheese, peanut butter, almonds, grape and an entire buttercup squash! I was super full and satisfied.

I really intend on making vast quantities of food on one or more (if needed) day(s) of the week. Because I'm so busy with school, work, and life, I really believe it's important that I start planning ahead, especially when it comes to meals! The goal is prep tomorrow and possibly Monday, which should allow sufficient time for me to go to work, study and work out on both days.

I'm currently doing some more reading and resting up before my long day of work tomorrow. I hope you all have a great night!


  1. omg bringing back the two teddy bears <3 that was my first peanut butter i had as a kid. i remember always having the green bottle which i think was 'smooth' and always wanted the red instead cuz it was crunchy..yet my family all hated crunchy so i rarely was able to get the red one..even tho i said "id eat the whole thing, so lets get both" oh well.. at least they have the natural one i can get whenever i please <3

  2. Hahaha awww! The bears are so classic. Love the bears!