Monday, October 4, 2010


Good morning!

I woke up feeling last night's workout, especially in my quads. Gotta love them squats! I was so excited to wake up because I knew it was time for some breakfast!

Scrambled egg whites with half a slice of Kraft fat free cheddar singles, yesterday's salad and a sliced peach!

I've been fiddling around with my camera. I used the "shoot subject with soft background" but I think that setting works better at night. It seems that the "food setting" works best during the day because there is so much more natural light available. Gotta love experimenting!

Check out that steaming egg!

This was quite the delicious breakfast. I'm a little sad because peaches, plums and nectarines will soon be completely out of season! Mother Nature should instill new rules allowing for year-round production of those three beauties.

Time to hit the books!

See ya!

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