Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hey everyone.

I hope you're all enjoying your October. Can you believe it's October?! One thing I really love about this month and the rest of fall for that matter is sqash!

I've been eating buttercup squash for the past three days in a row. This morning I couldn't help but include one in my breakfast!

I had some scrambled egg whites with fat-free cheddar as well.

I sort of nibbled my way through lunch. I enjoyed some tofu, almonds, peanut butter, honey, grapes and salad - all of which was not captured via my camera lens!

I managed to do not one but two yoga classes, which were back-to-back! A member at my gym actually convinced me to do the second class. At first I hesitated, even though I had thought about it earlier in the day. I then realized that I should challenge myself to see what my true capabilities are. Sure enough, I was able to complete both classes feeling revived and rejuvenated! Because I was able to complete both classes, I've decided I want to continue doing back-to-back yoga every Wednesday. I've realized that I'm so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in these classes free of charge. It wouldn't make sense not to take advantage of them!

My dinner was super delicious. I made a huge salad which included spinach, red peppers, yellow peppers, carrots, red onion, celery, cucumber, grapes, soybeans and mushrooms, and enjoyed it with tuna mixed with a little fat-free mayonnaise and black pepper. I also added some chopped almonds and a blob of hummus for added love.

I was still hungry so I snacked on some peanut butter with honey and this beautiful green substance.

And I had a lovely ..

I really need to do some readings. I hope you all have a lovely evening!

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