Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yellow correlates with happiness

I was displeased to discover that the lecture I dragged myself to school for was actually a tutorial taught by my TA, which was by no means testable. At least I got to smell the rainy air smell - you know, the one that smells like there's worms everywhere [because there really are worms everywhere]!

After getting home I prepared some lunch for myself.

 Avocado-ed tuna salad embroidered by strawberry slices.

After lunch I got ready for my MMA class. The class was totally awesome! I really enjoyed throwing various punches and kicks. It definitely helped me get rid of a lot of frustration and stress!

I made a wonderful meal for dinner. I had a yellow sweet potato baking in the oven. Unfortunately I cooked it for a little too long, causing it to be a little harder than expected. That didn't stop me from eating it, of course.

I decided sautéed tofu atop of a hearty plate of salad sounded delicious and dinner-worthy!

Yellow sweet potato on the side!


After dinner I had some tea and a few mini cups of tofu, diced peaches and crushed almonds sweetened with Splenda and cinnamon.

Don't-cha just love healthy snacks?!

Time to do some reading and then some sleeping. Have a great night!

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