Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I definitely felt fall after waking up to a very chilly morning. I had hoped to attend a hot yoga class at 7am, however my body is clearly unable to adapt to such drastic measures without 8 hours in Lala Land. 

I had a long school day ahead of me, so I cooked up a hearty, delicious breakfast to keep me energized!

Egg whites and salad with some avocado and Laughing Cow light swiss cheese.

Egg-zactly what I needed.

I had 2 classes back to back, so I packed this little lunch for myself.

Salad with grilled chicken topped with avocado and goat cheese!

I was so excited when I found this container. It was a take-out container my roommate had saved. The container fit a lot of food, which really tided me over until dinner! Unfortunately the lid wasn't as secure as a Ziploc container. Perhaps I'll wrap a plastic bag over-top next time?

I was planning to go to an evening hot yoga class until I bumped into a good friend of mine. We ended up chatting outside for hours and not noticing the cold weather! I was absolutely freezing and exhausted by the time I got home, leaving me unable to perform any sort of work out even if I tried.

Tonight's dinner looked similar to today's lunch - with a few alterations.

Salad with grilled chicken topped with Laughing Cow light swiss cheese, avocado, and a sweet ear of corn!

I snacked on copious amounts of peanut butter and honey for dessert. Unfortunately the footage could not make it to my camera. I probably would have gotten my camera lens all sticky from the sweet concoction ;) 

I'm absolutely pooped. Tomorrow's going to be another long day!

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