Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

I woke up feeling rather lethargic from working so many days in a row. I was sad to miss a few days of blogging as well =(

This morning looked like this:

4 scrambled egg whites, salad and nectarine slices

So delish and definitely gave me a load of nutrients to start the day.

I felt like doing little to no activity today, since the past few days had been so hectic. I spent several hours watching the Food Network, reading Sophie's World, and cleaning my house.

I decided on having a rather fancy lunch

'Twas a good day for oven baked chicken breast and veggies!

Accompanied by a lovely salad, which featured spinach, red peppers, yellow peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, grapes, nectarines, avocado and goat cheese.

Every mouthful was so tasty! I love creating different combinations for each mouthful. One of my favourites in this meal was chicken, goat cheese, avocado and red grapes. Mmm!

I decided to have a rest day today and clean up the house instead. My body was so sore, I don't think I could have exercised even if I tried. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the washroom and kitchen. Unfortunately, my room will have to wait yet another day to be cleaned.

It was dinner time before I knew it, and the leftovers from lunch were calling out to me

The fruits in the salad really make it taste so wonderful!

I nibbled on some okra post-dinner

and finished off with my favourite beverage

Don't you just adore this mug?!

I just bought Buddha Lounge Essentials India from iTunes. I received a $15.00 gift card from a friend and figured this was a perfect opportunity to use it. I absolutely love lounge/chill out music from collections such as Buddha Bar to those found in my Yoga classes. After hearing a few previews of the tracks, I decided to go ahead and purchase the album with my gift card. I really enjoy the warm, Indian essence found in these songs. I feel completely at ease when listening to this type of music.

Anyway, I'm going to relax and enjoy the rest of this album. Goodnight!


  1. omg i have the same mug of tea (but in a cream color)!!! i got mine from Winners.

    u can see it here:

    hehe our mugs coul be twins <3
    thats coffee in urs right? i rarely put tea in it too lol :)

    btw all ur meals are super fancy!! i love how sophisticated they look, especially since u put extra time to be creative :)


  2. HAHA no way! That's way too funny. I got mine from Winners as well! Yay mug twins <3

    I actually do put tea in this mug lol. However, I do have a mug of coffee which I normally use for coffee. You can see here:

    You must find this mug so my coffee mug will also have a twin =P

    Thank you! I try :$