Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and for those who didn't, I hope you enjoyed your time and a half, ca-ching! I woke up incredibly hungry this morning, my body was definitely craving some goods!

I decided on the usual - scrambled egg whites, salad and fruit!

Today's fruit was apples!

A perfect trio.

I love greens in the morning!

A few hours later, my ravenous stomach called out for some more food. I decided to snack on some almonds, peanuts and yogurt. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for my stomach. I decided to seek alternative measures.

Muahaha. A green monster to scare away my hunger!

Since I missed the gym yesterday, I was sure I had to make today's work out count. I did the Smoking Hot Body Work Out. I loved every minute of it! After my work out I did a but of jump rope and boxing.

I was ecstatic to find that the local Asian supermarket was open, despite today's holiday. I purchased lots of veggies and fruits, which helped me create tonight's dinner.

I decided to use the leftover plain lentils I had from the other day and transform them into another curry! I also created lovely salad complete with spinach, cucumbers, red peppers, orange peppers, carrots, mushrooms and red grapes, which accompanied the curry very nicely.

Holy yum!

Alright, time to kick it. Ciao!

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