Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not so sunny side up

This morning I attempted to make sunny side up eggs. Unfortunately, I left the eggs on the burner for too long, causing the yolk to cook!

Oh yolk, why won't you run?

Perhaps the result of my eggs was in sync with today's weather?

It's been nothing but cloudy, rainy, windy and sunny at very sporadic times!

I seasoned the eggs with a pinch of salt and peppah and sprinkled a little nutmeg on the peach slices.

A perfect start to the day!

Later on, I dug into this HUGE Fuji apple.

I had to find something objective to compare it with, so I chose my iPhone to show you all how enormous this apple truly was. It was delicious nonetheless!

I just came back from today's work out which was the Fit Hotties Rock work out. I did two extra rounds to let off some more steam.

I'm off to finish a day full of errands, hope you're all enjoying the day!

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