Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey fever!

I decided to do a yoga class yesterday for a physical, mental and psychological work out.

Unfortunately, I began experiencing symptoms of a terrible cold soon after the class! I also was scheduled to work at 5:00 pm, forcing this princess to suck it up and get ready to make some dough. Before I knew it, I was coughing and sneezing all throughout my work shift! It had to be one of the worst shifts I had ever worked, especially since it was seven hours.

Before setting off for work, I prepared a lovely lunch for myself.

Chopped veggies complete with a red pepper-bound spinach onion tuna dip.

It was absolutely delish! I couldn't finish it at home so I took it to work with me. I also packed some chicken and veggies to eat on my break as well.

After what seemed like a 20 hour shift, I got home feeling hungry and decided zucchini fettuccine would be a lovely second dinner of choice. I added some pieces of leftover chicken to my faux pasta as well.

Mmm-hmm! I'm so boggled at how I managed to get such an intense fever when all I do is consume incredibly healthy foods and exercise regularly!

These past few days I've been nothing but a zombie. I've basically been sneezing, coughing, laying around and sleeping my way through life. My body has been terribly sore and my sinuses are completely out of whack! I've been consuming copious amount of fruits and vegetables in various forms in attempt to fight off this wretched flu!

I managed to snap a few photos of some of my daily eats, despite how sick I was feeling. I really missed blogging!

Chicken & Vegetable soup:

And of course I had to have a few of these

I hope I get back to my regular self soon. I always seem to appreciate everything that much more during times like these. I can't help but feel so useless right now! I hope to feel a lot better by tomorrow morning, as I have to work at 11:00 am!

With that said, I wish you all a great night!

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  1. i just cant get over the zuchinni noodles! i get fooled each time thinking its a super-carbed pasta meal! my spiralizer only makes the curled zuchinni and spaghetti shape pasta which sucks. i made a pasta with it once and it was so filling! way more filling that grain noodles! plus u get the extra dose of daily greens which rocks <3